Home Styling Inspiration From Instagram #2

Home Styling Inspiration From Instagram #2

First things first, I want to start off with a big old thank you! The response that I have had to Home Styling Inspiration From Instagram #1 was amazing and just so overwhelming. This incredibly supportive community continues to blow my mind that’s for sure. It’s honestly so lovely to know that so many of you have discovered new accounts to lust over, that you found it inspiring and that you’re excited about my next instalment of my little blog series (particularly that it’s monthly haha!) So without further ado – introducing Home Styling Inspiration From Instagram #2.

Apartment Number 4

Like most, I’m guilty of stalking many Pinterest-worthy homes on Instagram or indeed on Pinterest itself and often find myself wondering how on earth I could ever afford to get my home to that standard. I mean where do you even start? Well, to quote the wonderful Victoria from Apartment Number 4 – “having a Pinterest-worthy home doesn’t have to cost the earth”.

Victoria is one of the kindest, most supportive people that I’ve had the pleasure of ‘meeting’ through this wonderful world of social media and is someone that I can always count on to fill me with inspiration. Her post about why she loves being a micro-blogger is a must read if you ever need a little pick me up  (which you can read here). It really resonated with me and made me realise that I don’t need to put myself or my blog in a specific box or have a niche – it’s okay to just be me. She also made me realise that it’s okay to go at my own pace and that being successful is whatever I determine it to be. We all need to learn to be proud of those small victories that put a little spring in our step, whatever they may be.

Another personal favourite post has to be her tips on How To Create A Parisian Inspired Living Room. It’s no secret that I’ve become an avid fan of blush pink and gold but I just love The French Bedroom Company products that Victoria chose for this post and how beautifully she styled them. I’d never heard of the brand before either and instantly fell in love (that gold side table is enough to knock anyone’s socks off). The whole vignette is just so effortlessly elegant.

So whether you’re renting and not sure how to make the space your own or you’ve just bought your first home and there isn’t a lot of money left in the bank, I can guarantee that Victoria will have a nugget of advice that is worth it’s weight in gold.

For more inspiration, life musings, beautiful home tours and styling tips, check out Victoria’s blog here.

I Am Hayley Stuart

As a renter, there are many hoops that you have to jump through when it comes to decorating your home. Whether it’s checking with your landlord to see if you have permission to paint the space, to putting photos or shelves on the walls, there are certain limitations when it comes to your creative freedom and making a house a home. Or at least that’s what I thought until I discovered the lovely Hayley from I Am Hayley Stuart.

I started following Hayley around two years ago when I first moved into the flat (which we rent off of Joe’s parents) and soon fell in love with her home and beautiful feed. From amazing DIYs, to room transformations that will make you weak at the knees, Hayley’s got it all to offer. Every time she uploads a photo of her utility room or kitchen, my mind goes doolally – honestly the transformations are incredible! Oh and don’t get me started on her dining room of dreams (those shutters tho) and stunning DIY beaded chandelier (which you can see how to make yourself here).

My latest obsession is her bathroom makeover – the plants, the ladder, the rugs – everything about it is just sensational. When renting, kitchen and bathrooms can be (even more) difficult to decorate as they tend to be pricey and involve more permanent changes (like changing tiles for example). But Hayley has opened my eyes to the world of removable tile stickers and now I feel like my life is truly complete. I mean, not only do they look absolutely gorgeous, but they are also an affordable, 100% reversible way to go that extra mile when it comes to making a house a home when it isn’t your own.

Want to see more of Hayley’s amazing tips, DIY tutorials and transformations? Check out her blog here.

ONR Shop

If you’re a lover of plants and all things millennial pink (plus beautiful cats too!) then you will love Rachel from onrshop‘s feed. I can’t quite put my finger on exactly how long I’ve been following Rachel for – all I know is that I was hooked from the get go. Her home is honestly what house jungle dreams are made of (all the heart eyes for the variegated Monsteras!).

In fact, Rachel is the reason that I’ve become so obsessed with houseplants. Being the big ONR fan girl that I am, I must confess that I’ve watched her plant tips youtube videos repeatedly – they’re so helpful and Rachel seems so down to earth. From her home jungle tour, to propagating pileas and lots of home jungle tips, if you want to up your house plant game then these are a must watch!

In a nutshell, Rachel’s home is divine. She’s currently renovating her home and the transformation that she’s made in such a short amount of time is incredible. Her home is styled so effortlessly stunning and is full of personality. Her bathroom, living room and spare room are beautiful, but for me the showstopper has to be her bedroom. The plants on pink sends my mind into a frenzy every time she uploads a photo! Plus she has some amazing pieces from West Elm that I just keep falling for over and over again (planter of dreams I’m looking at you).

Rachel also runs her own small business full of pins, patches and lots of other pretty bits and they are all absolutely stunning! You can check out her shop and blog here.

Frost And Lane

Frost + Lane is another gorgeous account that is a long term favourite of mine. Over the past two years it’s been amazing to see their home transformations and their styles evolve. Both ladies homes are beautifully styled – full of personal touches and just feel so cosy and inviting (not to mention that their paint choices are always top draw). Honestly every photo that they upload makes me want to create a home wish list that’s as long as my arm!

From statement light fixtures to plush sofas and oh so stunning reading corners, their feed oozes inspiration everywhere that you look. I also love how close these lovely ladies are and love to see little insights into their lives. My current obsessions are their Newgate clocks of dreams, print collections and I have to say I am head over heels with every single chair and sofa that they own (I truly think that the pink chair from Made.com is what perfection looks like).

It also goes without saying that I love the house plants in baskets (I really am plant obsessed RN). The whole room (pictured above) is pieced together perfectly and the plants add the perfect pop of colour against the grey walls and alcove of wood, which is nothing short of sublime.

For more photos of the finished alcove, home styling inspiration, Pinterest-worthy plants in baskets and pink chair of dreams stalking, check out their Instagram here

Miss Kyree Loves

Confession time – I am obsessed with Kyree from Miss Kyree Loves. I started following Kyree around two years ago and fell hook, line and sinker for her and her gorgeous feed. Not only is her home the absolute dream, but her photos are just a cut above the rest. Every single shot is always styled to perfection and so effortlessly beautiful.

One of my favourite things about Instagram (aside from home styling) is seeing little insights into people’s lives and getting to go on monumental journeys in their life with them. From marriages to babies to buying their first home or getting their first pet, it’s so lovely seeing people that you feel like you ‘know’ go through these milestones and witnessing Kyree’s journey over the past few years is definitely one of my favourites. I also confess to being one smitten kitten with Kyree’s gorgeous daughter Alaska – honestly every time she uploads a photo or video of her I feel like my ovaries might explode (don’t panic Joe).

I’ve tried to whittle down my favourite room in Kyree’s home numerous times but I’ve had to admit defeat; they’re all just out of this world! I love how calm and serene Kyree’s bedroom is, how inviting her living room is and don’t get me started on Alaska’s nursery and playroom! Kyree is currently decorating another living room space and the little snippets of it so far have got me sat on the edge of my seat. The sliding barn doors, the emerald green sofa – I can already tell that this room is going to be something special. Oh Kyree also made me realise that I needed this beautiful Yorkelee print in my life.  Honestly I would fill my home with all the beautiful Australian homeware if I could (damn you customs charges!).

Another thing that I admire and find inspiring about Kyree is her Be Kind Movement that she set up recently. If you want to read more about this or want to know how to Instagram like a total legend, check out Kyree’s blog here

And that’s a wrap! Another Home Styling Inspiration From Instagram post is complete. Who are your favourites when it comes to home styling? I’d love to know! I also wanted to say thank you again for reading and for all of the support. I hope you’ve discovered some amazing new accounts to follow.

See you next month!



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