Home Styling Inspiration From Instagram #1

Home Styling Inspiration From Instagram #1

After my recent social media detox (which you can read about here), I’ve rekindled my love for Instagram and I have to say, it’s stronger than ever. I just love connecting with like-minded people; people who make me laugh, who I feel that I can relate to, and above all, inspire me. I love scrolling through my feed and getting lost in a sea of motivation, particularly when it comes to interiors. Since starting project house to home, I’ve become obsessed with home styling and love to discover new accounts to stalk/ lust over on a daily basis. Instagram is definitely my biggest enabler, resulting in countless ‘Instagram made me do it’ purchases (come on ladies, we’ve all been there). So, I’ve decided to start a new series of posts dedicated to pretty homes and styling that I find inspiring. Introducing – Home Styling Inspiration From Instagram #1.

Living With Olivia

To me, nothing quite says ‘home sweet home’ like being surrounded by my favourite things. I truly believe that your home should represent you- it should ooze personality and be filled with all of the things that you love. I find myself being drawn to homes that are beautifully styled, full of pretty personal touches, whilst still feeling cosy, inviting and above all, homely. Which is something that I feel that Olivia from living.with.olivia has got down to a T.

I came across Olivia’s feed a couple of months ago and I have to say it was love at first sight. From her beautifully styled shelves to the array of amazing printed cushions on her sofa, Olivia’s styling always leaves me feeling inspired. It’s also no secret that I’m obsessed with plants at the minute – not only do they add the perfect pop of colour, but they also really help to bring a house to life. So Olivia’s plants in pretty baskets? Yep, I’m obsessed. They’re what pinterest dreams are made of aren’t they?

Olivia made a point in one of her posts a couple of weeks ago that really resonated with me: “Sometimes you can discover new ways of styling your old things and it makes it feel all brand new and exciting again”. Sometimes I get so caught up in thinking about all of the things that I want/ need, that I completely forget about the things that I already have.

So, like Olivia, I challenge you to take a look at what you’ve already got and try to see them in a different light. Make an effort to rediscover the things you once loved and see them as something completely new. Fill your home with personal touches.

Number Five Interiors

Aaah, it’s that copper worktop! If you haven’t been following Jade from Number Five Interiors‘ kitchen transformation, then you need to from here on in. Her entire home is absolutely breathtaking, but her kitchen really is what dreams are made of. Seeing her ideas come to life over the past few months – from the initial plan to it’s current state of wonder has been mind-blowing.

One of the many things that I find inspiring about Jade is her determination to stick to her vision. She made me realise how important it is to think about all of the practicalities when planning a space and to really consider how everything will piece together. However, she’s also shown that it’s okay for plans to change – for them to develop and evolve. It’s important to understand the space; to get to know it and see what is likely to work and what isn’t. Doing your research and not rushing are two things that I think are key to planning to perfection. Good things take time after all!

So don’t feel disheartened if your vision doesn’t quite workout the first time around. Take your time and don’t be afraid to change your mind. Create mood boards so that you can see exactly how your ideas would look if they came together. Plan to perfection.

Like what you see? Well there’s plenty more interior inspiration over on Jade’s blog – Number Five Interiors (she’s also one of the nicest, most supportive people that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting through these little squares, so make sure you check her out!)

Lust Living

If you’re an interiors obsessor like me, then it’s highly likely that you’ve seen this golden home of dreams before. But if you haven’t, well… You’re in for a real treat that’s for sure! Introducing the mega babe that is Olivia from Lust Living.

I started following Olivia nearly two years ago, after coming across her feed and falling in love with a rug that she had in her lounge (and consequently copied said rug!). Since then Olivia and her beautiful home have flourished, getting the recognition that they well and truly deserve. She injects her style so effortlessly into her home – I’m constantly left feeling weak at the knees every time that she posts something new. Whenever I see Lust Living pop up on my feed, I know that my bank balance is going to get a serious hit. Every time – honestly, she’s just killing it!

Her entire home is what scandi dreams are made of – from her recently revamped kitchen (which you can read about here), to her beautiful Scandinavian inspired bedroom makeover that took Pinterest by storm (which you can also read more about here). But one of my personal favourites is her beautiful dressing table area (that gorgeous Suburban Salon sheepskin stool though). I’m desperate to create my own little space in our spare room and this set up really is the most perfect inspiration.

As a self proclaimed gold enthusiast, you can guarantee that anything gold has Olivia’s name all over it. Now, I have to confess that gold never really floated my boat (I’ve always been a copper or chrome kind of gal) – well at least I was, until I stumbled across Olivia’s feed. There’s just no hiding from the fact those pops of gold, teamed with the beautiful Scandinavian influences are a match made in heaven.

Want to see more of Olivia’s gorgeous home? Check out her blog here

And Project

DIY has never been a strong point of mine and in truth I’ve always tried to avoid it like the plaque. You see, for someone who has always been pretty creative, my artistic flair is virtually non existent (I blame the cack hands). Despite finding it incredibly daunting, I soon realised that DIY can really help to inject personality into your home. Over the past year or two I’ve been making a conscious effort to push myself out of my comfort zone, challenging myself to take on new and exciting projects – all of which involve a bit of DIY. My inspiration? Enter Harriet from And Project.

Harriet was one of the first people that I followed on Instagram and I have to say that I was hooked instantly. Not only is her home simply stunning, but her attention to detail is second to none. From her revamp of her beautiful G Plan dresser, to making macrame plant hangers and creating the most beautiful tiled coffee table, Harriet’s DIY projects will blow your mind. My personal favourite – the DIY reupholstered botanical desk chair of dreams. Isn’t it just sensational?

So whether it’s giving your old bedside tables a new lease of life with a lick of paint or challenging yourself to make your own furniture out of pallets or reclaimed wood, don’t be afraid to DIY. You can also see my DIY bedside table update here.

Want to see more of Harriet’s DIY projects? Check out her blog here.

Gold Vibes Only

When it comes to my own home, I’m always drawn to industrial, Scandinavian or mid century styles. At the time that I first discovered my love for interiors, I’d tend to buy so many things because I thought that they looked good in someone else’s home. But I soon realised how important it is to find your own style and that your style doesn’t have to be one dimensional. You have so much creative freedom when it comes to decorating your home – you can fill it with things and styles that you love. You can dare to be bold. Which is something that admire about the wonderful Annie from Gold Vibes Only.

Annie describes her style as ‘Modern Bohemian Glamour’- think vibrant patterns and colours, Moroccan and ethnic inspired pieces with touches of luxe brass. I can’t quite put my finger on how long I’ve been following Annie, but I know for a fact that I fell in love instantly. Not only is her blog amazing – full of brilliant styling tips and inspiring looks, but her attention to detail is also second to none. She’s so passionate and incredibly driven, which completely resonates in her style.

Having had the pleasure of meeting Annie in real life (I can confirm that she is also downright lovely and so supportive), I know all about her amazing plans for some of her upcoming projects and I cannot wait to see them come together (office reveal, I’m looking at you!). But it has to be said, I’m obsessed with Annie’s dining room. I love her statement light fitting against the dark wall, with the rustic table, teamed with her beautifully styled bar cart. Her bold use of colour always makes me want to strip my house back and completely redecorate! Isn’t it just gorgeous?

So there you have it – five Instagram accounts that I find inspiring. Who are your favourites when it comes to home styling? I’d love to know! This is going to be a monthly series on my blog, so I’ll be back next month with more home styling inspiration from Instagram.

Thanks for reading! Here’s to new discoveries.



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