5 Things For My May To Do List

5 Things For My May To Do List

The time has come to wave goodbye to the magnolia and cherry blossom and say hello to #wisteriahysteria. Also, can we just take a minute to embrace the fact that peony season is finally here! Who else cannot wait for all of the endless peony pics all over their feed? Move over Spring, Summer is officially on it’s way! Today I’m sharing 5 things for my May to do list.

Up My Gardening Game | I’ve been so focused on making progress with the inside of the house, that the outside has been completely neglected. I won’t lie, our front and back gardens look like something out of Jumanji. This month I need to up my gardening game and give it some much needed TLC. Next year I’d love to have a garden that I’m proud of, that’s full of pretty blooms. But a girls gotta start somewhere!

Interiors Related Content | It’s no secret that I love interiors; one of my main passions is making our little house a home. If you follow my Instagram, you’ll know that I love to post a mix of little snippets of my life, from lifestyle, to beauty, interiors and even the occasional photo of myself. I’ve realised that there is very little interiors related content on my blog (I know I was pretty shocked too!). But we’ve made some exciting progress on project house to home that I can’t wait to write about, so watch this space!

Add More Plants To My Home | To me, there is something special about having plants in your home. I love looking around a room and seeing little pops of green and bringing elements of the outside in. Not only do they compliment their surroundings, but they really help to bring a house to life. This month I’m on the look out for a few more green little guys to join the gang. That’s right, gone are the days of being a serial succulent killer!

Find My Fitness Feet (Again) | Okay I admit it, I’ve fully fallen off the wagon again. Before my birthday I really felt like I had found my fitness feet and was starting to feel good about myself. I’m desperate to get back into the positive mindset that I had a few weeks ago. So enough is enough, no more dilly-dallying. I’m ready to get back on it.

The Power Of A Pamper | It’s amazing what a good old pamper can do isn’t it? I love nothing more than having a night in, painting my nails with a face mask on, maybe even a hair mask too! (I know, how wild am I?) But for some reason I never leave enough time aside to do it. So this month I’m determined to slow down and set some time aside that’s just for little old me.

What’s on your May to do list?