Shop Small {The Christmas Gift Guide}

Shop Small {The Christmas Gift Guide}

Over the past year my eyes have been opened to a whole new world when it comes to shopping. One of the many wonders of Instagram (and one of my favourite parts of those tiny little squares) is that I’m constantly discovering amazing small businesses that have changed both my life and my home. Recently I’ve seen countless posts with the quote “When you buy from a small business an actual person does a little happy dance” and it just makes me smile to myself every time that it pops up on my feed.

For me, Christmas time is mental, not only in my personal life but at work too. As the Executive Assistant, I’m one of the head elves when it comes to organising Christmas presents at work, which let’s just say gets pretty crazy! This year I’ve been making a conscious effort to shop small as much as possible, particularly when it comes to buying presents for work, but also when buying my personal gifts for the ones I love.

A few months ago I shared some of my favourites in my first small businesses post (which you can read here). There are thousands of small businesses on Instagram and I love that I’m introduced to new stores to swoon (obsess) over on near enough a daily basis. So it just seemed fitting to dedicate this post to spreading Christmas cheer and raving about a few more of my favourite small businesses.

The House Outfit

If you’ve been following my blog/ Instagram for a while now, you will know that I have a little bit of a thing for Australian brands and all things interiors. If only there was a place that you could shop some of your favourite brands all under one roof… Well look no further! Introducing The House Outfit.

I came across The House Outfit, which is owned by the lovely Lara, a few months ago and honestly fell in love instantly. After being introduced to Olive et Oriel I’ve become obsessed with their prints, so you can picture my face when I saw that you could purchase them right here. Not only that, but I also discovered that they also stock another of my new found favourite Australian brands – Art Club Concept AND that they are the only UK stockists. I mean it just can’t get any better! As soon as I came across Art Club Concept on Instagram I began lusting over their cushion collections and created a wish list as long as my arm. But I particularly fell for their ‘Sunday’ cushion (which I of course treated myself to, because you know, I deserve it)

It’s safe to say that The House Outfit have an abundance of great products that would make perfect gifts for all of the special people in your life this Christmas. Here are a few examples of my favourites:

First up I’m following on with my blush crush theme (you can read all about my blush obsession here) and today I’m talking all things ceramic. Yep I said it, blush ceramics. I KNOW. I admit that I have a bit of a thing with pretty mugs (you can’t beat it), however this obsession is spreading to plates and bowls too. So imagine my excitement when I came across this stunning set of wonderfulness. And it gets better – they also come in black and grey too! Team any of these with either the black, copper or gold cutlery sets and I promise that you will be onto a winner. You can shop their ceramics collection here.

So, anyone who knows me is aware that I adore candles. I mean you just can’t beat coming home, lighting a candle and seeing it gently flickering out of the corner of your eye whilst snuggled up on the sofa, particularly at this time of year. A few weeks ago I came across Candelle & Co on Instagram and was drawn not only to their beautiful products, but also to their images too – they really are stunning. All of their candles look amazing and I have many of them on my wish list, but this one is just top draw for the festive season. Now I don’t play favourites when it comes to Christmas films. In all honesty, I don’t think I could even if I wanted to as it pretty much changes on a daily basis, depending on what mood I’m in. Saying that, one of them that will always be right up near the top is Home Alone. Cue this little gem – the perfect little stocking filler if you ask me! You can shop it here, along with the rest of their stunning collection.

You can also get 15% off ANYTHING from The House Outfit when you spend over £60 using the code CHELSEA15.

Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals!

Stone & Co

A few months ago I was lucky enough to be picked to be a brand rep for Stone & Co and since then I have got to know, love and admire the wonderful Lucy. Not only is she downright lovely, but she also runs an amazing business with two young kids and a busy full time job. Her felt ball products are lovingly handmade and come in a vast range of colours and styles. From garlands to dream catchers – Stone & Co completely excel.

Lucy kindly sent me one of her amazing dream catchers in a range of colours that she thought would look perfect in my bedroom, and let’s just say she completely nailed it! The soft, neutral palette compliments the blue walls perfectly and the silver glitter adds the perfect pop of personality. I was also lucky to receive a handful of their Christmas decorations and a beautiful key ring. I’m already planning on buying an extra key ring for my 8 year old sister Delilah, as I know that it is just something that has her name written all over it!

Now, as an avid Christmas fan, Stone & Co’s Christmas decorations are a cut above the rest in my eyes. Whether it’s a felt ball garland, a rustic Christmas tree or one of their stunning felt ball wreaths (which I’m currently obsessed with!), there is definitely something that will satisfy your festive needs perfectly. I’ve fallen a bit behind this year when it comes to the flats Christmas transformation, but I cannot wait to adorn my tree with some of these beautiful decorations. I may even need to invest in a few additions like these amazing Wooden Ice Skates or the beautiful Wooden Snowflake Tree. And just look at this Felt Reindeer Head Plaque – how cute is he?!

Stone & Co are treating my followers to 15% off using the code CHELSEA15 from Friday 2nd- 16th December.

Happy shopping!

Check out their Instagram here.

Etta French

I genuinely think that I let out a little squeal of delight when I came across Etta French (the brainchild of the wonderful Kathy) on Instagram a couple of weeks ago. Not only are these candles breathtakingly beautiful, they also encapsulate three passions to make you feel special: perfume, jewellery and the element of surprise. How so? Well, buried deep inside every candle hides a surprise piece of jewellery, which has been created by exclusive UK designers. Mind. Blowing. It really is such a unique (and not to mention utterly fabulous!) idea.

The more I stalked the Etta French website, the more I knew that these would make one of the most perfect gifts. So much so that I introduced them to my bosses at work and we all agreed that these would definitely be on our list of Mammoth orders this Christmas.

When the delivery arrived I practically ripped the packaging apart I was so excited! The office was instantly filled with the smell of Nutmeg, Orange and Cinnamon – essentially Christmas all wrapped up in a pretty box. Let’s just say that I was so jealous of all of the lucky ladies who will be receiving these that I had to treat myself to one too. And my oh my, this little beauty has made itself right at home pretty quickly.

I honestly cannot wait to see what piece of jewellery is hidden inside. Dainty necklaces, pretty rings, beautiful bracelets, cool charms; keepsakes to treasure forever. Just thinking about it is making me feel giddy inside.

Their range of fragrances are also second to none: Pomegranate & MintWisteria & Orange Blossom and Rose, Saffron & Vetiver, to name but a few. They also come in a mini version for only £6.50 (no jewellery in these though ladies)

Kathy has kindly offered my followers 20% off the Winter Nutmeg, Orange & Cinnamon candle using the code CHELSEA20.


Room 356

Top of my Christmas list this year is a Cooee vase (or two… or three), so imagine my delight when I discovered that Room 356 are one of the UK stockists! I came across Room 356 on Instagram a couple of weeks ago and I genuinely thank my lucky stars pretty much every day (or whenever they upload a photo) that I discovered them. Everything that they stock is just so beautiful and is pretty much a Scandi lovers dream come true. Not only do they stock the House Doctor Ceiling Pendant of Dreams (which I will have in my hallway one day!), they also stock many other House Doctor gems, as well as amazing prints from Soouk, a variety of different scandi inspired homewares, beautiful jewellery and a range of different card collections.

Meraki candles, seagrass belly baskets and beautiful rugs galore, Room 356 are absolute killing it at the minute. Not to mention that they are also stocking one of my favourite small businesses – Copper & Solder in their store now.

I’ve been in love with Copper & Solder for a few months now, and I’ve developed an obsession with Dalmatian spot collection. Look how pretty it is! The Dalmatian spot plate is also on my Christmas list. (Please be listening Santa!)

Room 356 have kindly offered my followers 15% off using CHELSEA15, but hurry as this is only valid from Friday 2nd- Wednesday 7th December.

The Kitsch Hen

It’s no secret that the festive period is for eating as many sweet treats as possible. Selection boxes, Celebrations, Christmas Pudding, Yule Logs… the possibilities are endless. For many (including myself) anything edible is the true way to the heart and what better way is there to send a little bit of love and brighten people’s days than a biscuit!

The Kitsch Hen ice and bake their biscuits using fair trade and locally sourced ingredients, and are then hand stamped with an inspirational quote or loving message – perfect for any occasion. Not to mention that Caroline is one of the loveliest people that I’ve had the pleasure to get to ‘know’ thanks to Instagram. After placing another Mammoth order (literally!) for work my love and admiration for The Kitsch Hen continues to grow daily. Every single biscuit is hand made with the utmost love and arrive carefully wrapped and packaged in a strong (but rather beautiful) Kraft gift box, which are protected with wax paper and glassine cushion pads to ensure they arrive in perfect condition. And these beauties aren’t just for Christmas – whether it’s a birthday, a new baby, a house move, or just to tell someone who’s having a hard time that you love them and are thinking of them, a box of filled with these beautiful biscuits will make the most perfect and unique gift.

Whether you’re wanting to send some ‘edible inspiration’ or simply want to put a smile on someones face this season, look no further! (You can also choose whether to send The Kitsch Hen’s Christmassy selection, or their classic, pastel collection!)

You can also check out The Kitsch Hen on Instagram here

Can to Candle

“We believe candle making is the perfect blend of art and science.”

I came across Can to Candle on Instagram a few weeks ago and was instantly drawn in by their rustic, quirky and beautifully unique candles. Inspired by a love of interior design, upcycling and an obsession with candles, Can to Candle embodies all the things that I love most. They have created products that don’t just look beautiful, but are also full of character and are designed to make excellent gifts. Their list of fragrances will also make you go weak at the knees. From Lemongrass & Coconut, to Jasmine & Mint, to Sea Salt & Driftwood (to name but a few) – everything just sounds so enticing!

Christmas for me is all about adding a personal touch to your gifts – be it with carefully chosen wrapping paper, a beautiful card to make them smile or by simply picking something that just oozes thoughtfulness. Introducing the amazing Personalised Initial Candle. These candles aren’t just ridiculously pretty, but you can also pick from a range of scents and font colours which will look (and smell!) perfect in any home.

Yesterday I was kindly featured in Can to Candles “The 12 Blogs of Christmas”, which as you can imagine completely made my day/month/year. I know I say it a lot, but it really does mean the world to me to know that people are following and enjoy reading my rambles on my little slice of the internet. There really is something so special about seeing my little blog’s name on a candle and this candle would make the perfect gift for any of your blogging friends. You can shop the personalised blog candles here.

The amazing Kerry is also offering my followers 10% off using the code MINT and you can shop the Can to Candle website here.

Katie Housley

If you follow me on Instagram you will know all about my new found obsession with Katie Housley stationary. As soon as I spotted her beautiful notebook collection I just knew that I needed them in my life (see image above: aren’t they stunning?!) I spotted them on These Charming Things – a stationary store, run by one of my favourite ladies, Jess. (If you haven’t checked her out already, you need to! Her store is a stationary lovers dream. Plus she’s absolutely lovely too) Not only does Katie make beautiful notebooks, but she also makes the most exquisite cards too!

It has to be said that my favourite is the Stay Weird card – LOOK AT HOW CUTE IT IS! I mean those gold foil leaves though. Katie not only has cards for every occasion, but they are also mind-blowingly beautiful. So if you’re like me and you’re yet to purchase your Christmas cards (whoopsie!) you can shop Katie’s Christmas collection here.

You can also follow Katie on Instagram

Nectar & Bumble

Nectar & Bumble was created out of a love and passion for bees. I’m sure that we are all aware that there has been a sharp decline in these wonderful creatures all around the world, but especially in the UK. This is down to a variety of different things such as a loss of habitat and the use of pesticides.

I know that many of my friends will LOVE Nectar & Bumble, not only because they stock a range of bee based products, but also because they donate 10% of their profits to different bee charities to help save the bees! How amazing is that?

The possibilities are endless when it comes to Nectar & Bumbles products – whether you’re a beauty lover, stationary obsessed or have a thing for homeware, there really is something to please everyone. I’ve fallen for their honeycomb embossed vases, notebooks and these cute little hexagon earrings.

I absolutely adore this store and everything that they stand for and want to do my bit to raise awareness of the plight of the bees. Not only that but their stock is simply stunning!

Nectar & Bumble are currently giving their customers a FREE A5 bee themed notebook with your order when you spend £30 until 15th December!

Hollys House UK

I’ve been speaking to Holly for a few weeks now and I can confirm that she is an absolute treasure. She is kind, funny and downright amazing at what she does. All of her candles are lovingly hand poured from her home in North East Lincolnshire, using soy wax, cotton wicks and beautiful, carefully selected fragrances. Black Raspberry & Peppercorn, Sloe & Almond, Sweet Orange & Chilli (naming but a few) – it’s so hard to make a decision as everything just sounds amazing! I found myself constantly oohing and ahhing over everything on the Holly’s House UK website (which you can check out here), and decided to treat myself to a Strudel & Spice candle and a Black Pomegranate tin. I’m so excited to try them!

All of Holly’s collection can be purchased in either candles, tins or melts and would make the most wonderful gift for any candle lover out there.

Make sure to check out Holly’s House UK on Instagram too.


Let me start by saying that Peggy is one of nicest and amazingly talented people that I have had the pleasure of ‘meeting’ on InstagramPinku is a lifestyle brand, which stocks a variety of lovely mugs and phone cases. When Peggy got in contact with me about sending me one of her beautiful phone cases, I of course jumped at the chance, I was that excited!

Like many, my heart lies with marble, however I wanted to go for something different and push myself out of my comfort zone. For me, there was something about the Autumn Leaves Phone Case  – the design is both eye catching and just looks incredible. I’ve already had so many comments on it!

Now, I know I’ve already expressed my love for pretty mugs, but you can’t beat a mug with a quote on it can you? The Pinku Baby It’s Cold Outside mug is just perfect for the festive season. A mug for every season is essential right? And when they look this good, it’s impossible to resist.

So there you have it, a few of my favourite small businesses and some amazing discounts and giveaways for you to take advantage of during the festive season. Be quick though, Christmas is just around the corner and some of these codes are only valid for a short period of time!

Glad tidings you wonderful lot.