The Blush Crush

The Blush Crush

You know how most people’s camera rolls are full of photos of drunken nights out, funny photos or memes and selfies? Well don’t get me wrong – my camera roll is full of all of the above, but the majority of it is overrun with screenshots of pretty interiors. Pretty dust collectors, pretty shelfies, pretty perfectly styled vignettes – you name it, I’ve screenshot it. I’m definitely one of those gals. Instagram, Pinterest – I’m forever collecting photos and making plans for every corner of our home. I wake up on near enough a daily basis with a new idea, ready and raring to go right that second, which of course the sidepiece loves. This post is all about ‘The blush crush’.

More often than not I do try to run my ideas past him (it is our home after all), but I have been known to buy things without giving the heads up first (then trying to subtly sneak it into the flat without him realising.) Of course when the inevitable “where did this come from?” is asked, I simply pretend we’ve always had it and essentially make him believe that he is a fool for not noticing it before now. (Ladies, we’ve all been there!)

The majority of the time the sidepiece couldn’t actually care less and will agree with anything I say to get me to stop whining/sulking/harping on and let him play his game in peace. I’m lucky that he tends to like what I suggest/do/buy (hazzar!) but every now and then, he’ll turn his nose up and say a firm no, usually with no explanation other than, “I just don’t like it.” An example of this being the blush crush – he most definitely is not onboard with the blush crush.

I’m aware that I’m late to the party (as always), but the blush crush has stolen my heart and who am I to say no? I’ve never really been a pink kinda’ gal (bar my shabby chic stint back in the uni days) so I thought that this would be a look that I admired but would never incorporate into my home. However as the months passed, my love grew deeper – I mean, how can you resist when there is so much mind-blowing inspiration out there?!

So here are my dream ways of incorporating blush into your home:


My  love (obsession) with linen bedding is getting out of control.  Enter blush bedding of dreams, taking the obsession to a whole other level.

The Blush Crush The Blush Crush


Whether you team it with white or grey, the blush adds a subtle softness that’s impossible to resist. And as for those arrow cushions in the photo on the left – all the heart eyes!

Moving swiftly on to the UK scandi style queen – Olivia! I’ve followed Olivia for just shy of a year and I have to say it was love at first sight. Her Instagram is clean, pristine and a perfect representation of her beautiful home (not to mention she’s a complete babe!) Now, it’s no secret that I love the scandi style but creating a happy medium between the minimal style and my love for colour and pattern has been difficult. This is something that I feel Olivia has got down to a t. Take her newly revamped scandi inspired bedroom for example:

The picture shelf, the prints, the lights, the knot cushion, the knitted throw… completely nailed it all! Topping it off with the statement cushions and of course the beautiful blush bedding, which are just the cherries on top. For more beautiful scandi inspiration, you can check out Olivia’s Instagram over at @lustliving. You can also take a look at her blog Lust Living, which has been shortlisted in the Amara Interior Blog Awards tomorrow. (How amazing is that?!) Olivia – wishing you the best of luck!


Over the past year or so I’ve started to come out of my shell a bit when it comes to statement furniture (something I’ve always loved but have been too nervous to integrate into my home). I just love it when I can walk into a room and my eyes are being drawn to something that simply takes my breath away – be it a statement light, mirror or piece of furniture. Something that really makes the room come to life.

There are so many inspiring Instagram accounts out there, whose homes are full to the brim with stunning statement pieces. Two of my favourites being Harley (@harleyraynorxo) and Rebecca (@rvk_loves) – whose accounts I came across recently and was instantly inspired by their stunning homes. These two lovely ladies really did take my love for blush to that next level.

Rebecca and her husband have been renovating their beautiful home and I’ve been left completely in awe by what they have achieved. After stumbling across Rebecca’s Instagram I have loved seeing their hard work come together and have been left green with envy (If I was to picture my dream house, it would honestly look exactly like this). One of my favourite parts of her home (so far!) is her beautiful pink bathroom sink unit – so clever, so inspiring and just so so beautiful. (also something I wouldn’t have thought of myself!)

Now, as someone who rents, there have been times when I have struggled to think of ways to make the house that I live in feel like a home – at least until I came across Harley’s feed. Harley has created the most beautiful living space that is stylish, feels homely and is bursting with personality. Her attention to detail is inspiring and the progress that she has made in such a short space of time is completely mind-blowing. From her amazing artwork to her blush pink armchair of dreams to her amazing choices of wall colours (that pink dining room though!) – I’m basically just completely and utterly in love with Harley’s home.

These two lovely ladies also write amazing blogs. So if you’d love to see more of the progress that they make on their beautiful homes, or fancy some great hints and tips, you can follow Rebecca on Roses & Rolltops and Harley on At Home with Harley.


The colour on a wall can completely transform a room in ways I didn’t really understand until moving into our little home last year.

My days of living away from my parents have always been filled with the dreaded magnolia walls. I didn’t realise that I had an issue with magnolia until Joe and I moved in together – every room just looked dark, dull and even with all of our favourite possessions adorning (almost) every nook and cranny, to me it just didn’t feel like home.

We’re really lucky that we were allowed to paint the flat in any colour we wanted, however the possibilities when it comes to paint colour really are endless.

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that I would be drawn to pink walls, but that all changed when I laid eyes on the beautiful bedroom transformation by the lovely Jade (@jadewilce) and living room transformation by the wonderful Danielle (@theroomalive).

I’ve followed Jade for a few months now and can say with my hand on my heart that she inspires me on a daily basis. Her home is stunning and her attention to detail is second to none – take her bedroom makeover for example. Jade has completely transformed her the room from black and white, with a pop of yellow to a grey and blush scandi style bedroom of dreams. Jade used Nanna’s Pearls from Valspar and the result has left me with all the heart eyes! (I’m also obsessed with her bedside light – I mean how beautiful is it?!) Fancy taking a look at Jade’s full bedroom transformation? Her blog, Number Five Interiors is definitely one to follow.

I came across Danielle’s Instagram when I spotted the photo of her living room below on my feed and instantly fell in love (to the point that I’m desperate to find a place for that print!) I just love how the monochrome print and lamp compliment the two tone wall – simple and stunning. Teaming that with the House Doctor Assymetric light shade, beautifully styled shelves and and stunning blue fireplace… A-MAZE-INGGGG!

You can also follow Danielle’s magnificent blog, The Room Alive for further inspiration.


I thought that the safest way to introduce pink into our home would be to ask Joe if we could paint our front door. With photos like this one from Pinterest as amo, I thought there would be no way he could refuse (Oh how wrong I was!) But just look how pretty it is!


Try as I might, I just can’t shake off my love for this photo – I need something similar in my life. So when I realised that two of my favourite accounts had managed to bring their hubbies over to the blush side, my love grew even deeper.

Kate was one of the first accounts that I followed when my Instagram obsession kicked in, and it’s been amazing to see the journey that she (and her beautiful home) have gone on over the past year. Earlier this year Kate gave her bedroom a makeover and the end result is simply spectacular. Kate used Farrow and Ball Setting Plaster on her bedroom door and when teamed with the wardrobe doors, which are painted in Little Greene’s Mono, it’s absolute perfection. If you don’t follow Kate, you need to. Her Instagram is @overatkates and you can also follow her blog Over At Kate’s.

I came across Jess’ Instagram a couple of months ago and was completely drawn in by her charming images – her feed is so light, bright and just completely and utterly stunning (not to mention she’s one of the kindest people I’ve had the pleasure of ‘meeting’ through those tiny little squares.) There are so many elements of Jess’ home that I’m head over heels for – her kitchen, Oliver Bonas cocktail trolley, fireplaces (to name but a few!) and of course her beautiful pink door. As an avid fan of Jess’ blog, I would highly recommend checking it out, This Charming Life.

Ps Jess has also opened up her own small business selling beautiful stationary, so if you’re a big fan of a beautiful notebook like I am, you won’t be disappointed. Take a look on These Charming Things.

If you’re like me and you’re struggling to find a way/ the courage to give into the blush crush, then starting small is the key. I plan on slowly introducing blush vases and cushions – dipping my toe in slightly before I jump in and ‘accidentally’ paint the front door when Joe isn’t in…

And if all else fails…

Add flowers! Flowers solve everything. Now, I don’t think I could ever pick a favourite bunch when it comes to flowers but this beauty, The Harper from Bloom and Wild still makes my heart flutter.

If you fancy treating yourself to some beautiful blooms you can get £10 off your first order using ‘Chelsea Goslin-Minter’ at the checkout. Definitely the perfect pick me up for a rainy day.

So there you have it – my favourite ways to incorporate blush into your home. Are you fully onboard with the blush crush? Have you incorporated it into your home? Or can you recommend someone who has? I’d love to know!