Throw Kindness Around Like Confetti

Throw Kindness Around Like Confetti

I hate indirect messages. Just throwing it out there – I don’t see the point of them. Actually I do – their sole purpose is to make people feel paranoid/rubbish about themselves and in all honesty, I just don’t get it. Controversial? Possibly. But my mum always taught me, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” Recently there seems to have been an influx of indirects on my feeds and I’ve been left feeling pretty stumped and asking myself, “What do indirect messages actually achieve?”

This is why I sometimes struggle with social media. I guess my main issue is that this kind of thing just isn’t in my nature – if I have an issue I’d much rather say to someone, “So this has bothered me, can we have a chat about it?” Or just bite my tongue and ask myself, “is it worth causing drama over?” This might be because I’m extremely sensitive and I get emotional very easily but confrontation just isn’t for me. As one of my close friends would say, “Kill with kindness”. Such a good mantra to have isn’t it?

When I say killing with kindness, I don’t mean putting the ‘haters’ in their place in a passive aggressive manor. What I mean is that you can kill any form of negativity with kindness – be it in regards to others or your biggest negative demon, yourself.

It’s no secret that a few weeks ago I was feeling a bit down in the dumps, both with life and also in myself, which I mentioned in my The Self Love Club {You Are Good Enough} post. And honestly, the amount of messages/ comments of love and respect that I received – there are no words. Starting this blog was a really big deal for me and honestly it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. It’s given me a place to escape and say exactly what’s on my mind (within reason of course!). It’s also made me realise that no matter what you’re feeling, there is always someone who feels exactly the same as you and despite what you might think at times, you’re not alone. People will never cease to amaze me.

I’ve realised that kindness really does know no limits. Yesterday I received the most overwhelmingly thoughtful surprise – the chopping board of dreams from Mia Fleur. The one that I’ve had my heart set on for forever & had written about & declared my love for in my small businesses blog post. So when I opened an unexpected parcel & saw it staring back at me, it’s safe to say that I was left pretty speechless.

Emily – I could never thank you enough for the “I’m super proud of you” gift for starting my blog. I promise it will definitely always be one of the things that keeps me going on a grey day. Right now my heart is so full I could burst.

In short – when your day is a little bit grey and gloomy, or if someone has simply pissed on your bonfire, just stop. Breathe. Take a minute to think about one of the things that keeps you going on a grey day. Frustration? Do one. Indirects? See ya later. Keep the peace, spread the joy and all that.

So throw kindness around like it’s confetti, because life is simply too short for a pity party.



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