October Goals

October Goals

September – You’ve definitely been an adventure but you’ve had your fair share of gems too. The best weekend with the sidepiece and the clan, Romeo being the unstoppable gem that he is (he may keep us on our toes but he’s looking the best he has in months. *Touch wood*), creating countless memories with some of my favourite  girls and blooms galore (to name but a few). This post is all about my October goals.

October is one of my favourite months – crunchy leaves, cosy evenings, fluffy socks and candles. It’s also one of my busiest months, filled with birthdays of some of my favourite people in the world (starting with my favourite little one – happy 2nd birthday to my little ball of fluff Romeo!)


My goals for September didn’t exactly go to plan, so I’m hoping to smash this months goals out of the park.

1. Green fingered. One word that I would never use to describe myself is green fingered. I’ve somehow managed to keep a couple of houseplants alive but I would say it’s more a case of winging it than knowing what I’m doing. Our garden has some lovely plants in that Joe’s mum planted over the years but they’re not as well nurtured as they could be. I’m desperate to have a garden of dreams next year full of beautiful blooms that I can fill the house with, so October goal number one is to get out and get stuck in. I mean it can’t be that hard can it? *gulp*

2. Bake off. In our house I tend to do a lot of the cleaning, while Joe is head chef. Don’t get me wrong, I like cooking and I’m pretty good at it, it’s just Joe is better. (yep I’m man enough to admit it). However I love to bake. When Joe and I lived apart we would only see each other on weekends, so we would always make sure that the weekends were packed with activities, a regular being baking. This is something we’ve stopped doing since living together and I miss it. So I’m determined to bake at least once a month. What are your winter baking choices?

3. Project bedroom. Our bedroom is very much unfinished – the walls are half painted, there are no prints on the walls and it’s just missing that little bit of oomph that we’re starting to create in the living room. In September we finally finished project DIY | The Ikea Hack {Part One} and have ordered our new ceiling pendent (exciting!). In October I’d love to keep the momentum going and make a start on upcycling the chest of drawers and maybe even investing in a dust collector or two. Ideally I want the bedroom finished by Christmas so watch this space!

4. Explore. Living in Surrey is the dream – walks in the woods, a stroll along the Thames yet a stone throw away from London. This month I want to get outside more, go on walks more and simply explore more. October is Jett and Delilah’s birthdays meaning I’ll be in Norfolk two out of the four weekends, so my plan is to breathe in that sweet autumnal air as much as possible.

5. Camera happy. I love taking photos but my camera lets me down. My upgrade on my phone isn’t until February so for now I will have to make do, however I’d love to learn more about how to take the perfect photo. Do you have any hints and tips? I’d love to know. I’ve also been umming and aahhing about investing in a camera for a while now but I have no idea what’s the best option to go for. Any digital camera users out there – what would you recommend?

There you have it, my October goals. What are you hoping to achieve this month?


“Autumn, the year’s last loveliest smile”



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