DIY The Ikea Hack {Part One}

DIY The Ikea Hack {Part One}

For around two years now I’ve been thinking about giving upcycling a bit of a bash and transforming my old Ikea bedside tables and matching chest of drawers into something vaguely worthy of being in the ‘Pinterest goals’ club. I wanted to create something stylish, sleek and a little bit sassy. Something that made a statement, yet tied in with the rest of the room instead of sticking out like a disjointed sore thumb. I mean in my head I was going to turn these drawers that have been in my possession for well over 10 years into something that would take the jam out of everybody’s doughnuts (Aim for the stars and all that). So what was the hold up? My constant battle between wanting to be creative and basically being completely incapable of making a decision of course! Until now. Enter – DIY The Ikea Hack {Part One}.

It’s no secret that deciding what to do with these drawers has driven me round the bend and back again. In my head these bad boys have gone from all white to blush pink to having some kind of geometric pattern on them. Oh and the drawer pull dilemma – to add drawer pulls or not to add drawer pulls? If so what colour? Coppper? Brass? Black and white? The possibilities really are endless. I mean don’t get me wrong, there is/was nothing wrong with the drawers – they’re a good size and extremely practical but they’re quite masculine, a little plain and just don’t really go with the rest of the room.

So first up on the upcycling challenge list was the bedside tables. At first I toyed with the idea of painting them all white (these drawers come in white so I knew that it would look good and would work with our white bed too). I ummed and ahhed for ages as to whether I should go plain white or white with a marble top. In my heart I knew that marble was the answer – the drawers had to have a marble top, that was a definite. But what about the rest? Well it took 3 different paint attempts for me to be happy with the end result.



I decided against painting them white in the end, as I thought that having a white bed, white bedside tables, white walls and a white wardrobe might be a bit much when teamed with the one wall painted in Little Greene’s Juniper Ash. Joe suggested painting the majority in Farrow & Ball’s Ammonite, which we had leftover from the lounge and then painting the drawers in Juniper Ash. Round one and no luck – when placed in the room they just looked a little weird as they blended in with the bed and wall. I decided to turn to the dark side and so off we went to Homebase to pick out a slate grey. Round two and still no luck – the grey wasn’t dark enough and in some lights looked similar to the colour of the wall. Back to the drawing board.

More research was definitely in order. I’d heard a lot of great things about B&Q’s Valspar range and persuaded Joe to drive me there to check out their colour chart. Within minutes we had decided on a colour – Charcoal Sketch. A beautiful dark charcoal grey that we knew would look great teamed with the marble effect self adhesive contact paper that we had picked up on our trip to Homebase. Finally there was the light bulb moment!

So here’s the part about the actual upcycling process. As soon as we got home from B&Q I made a start on my project (third time lucky!) Is it just me who gets overly excited about a project (finally) coming together? I could barely contain myself in the car on the way home!

Confession – I have an issue with sandpaper. The texture of it freaks me out. (same issue with nail files, they really make me cringe!) So this was Joe’s job. This wasn’t the easiest of tasks but we (Joe) gave it our (his) best shot. Painting was the easy bit – there wasn’t any need to prime so it was really a case of just slapping it on. Two coats down and we were ready for the marble top.

To get it to fit perfectly, without having to do it in different strips or sections, Joe measured everything and made a net for us to stick on fairly painlessly (or so we thought). It was pretty fiddly getting the marble contact paper to stick to the top and making sure there were no air bubbles, so I’m glad we did this part as a two man team. After two attempts (and a couple of breaks whilst Joe lost his rag) we were done! AND we were both really happy with the result. What a time to be alive!

Before vs After

In these photos the colour of the Charcoal Sketch looks a bit bluey due to lighting issues, as I took them in the evening, but we’re both pretty chuffed with the comparison. Finally the bedroom was starting to come together!

The next hurdle was the drawer pull drama. We’ve decided to get a copper ceiling pendant so my initial thought was to get copper drawer pulls like the beauties from Oliver Bonas (that are currently out of stock again… wah!), but eventually decided against it. So I scoured the internet for inspiration – Anthropologie, Etsy and then I stumbled across the gems of M&S. There are so many beautiful things in M&S right now and I know that more of their amazing new stock will find their way into my home.

I’ve been swept in by the rush of the blush crush right now (yes I’m aware that I’m late to the party) and so there was something about the Ingrid Drawer Pull Set  that caught my eye, but I just couldn’t picture them in the space. Then I spotted them – the end of my drawer pull woes was in sight. I mean how’d you like them (pine)apples? (see what I did there?) I’m not sure where the pineapple obsession came from but I’m fully onboard (yes I’m aware that I’m late to the party… again)

One problem – the sidepiece. To say that he was not onboard would be an understatement. So what do you do? Buy them any way and hope that your OH doesn’t notice! Ha! Yeh alright then Chelsea, back to dream world you go. Luckily he’s learnt to accept them and gave the go ahead. So last weekend whilst I was out gallivanting around London, getting a little bit boozy, Joe put them on for me. What a complete babe.


And so there you have it – project Ikea hack {part one} is complete. I’ve got all the heart eyes! The pineapples were definitely the right decision – they’re enough to still be a statement, yet still blend in with the Charcoal grey and marble top, as well as the bed and wall too. As much as I love copper I think that it would have been a bit much in this instance. (I never thought I’d see the day that I said that there could be too much copper!). Anyway, I digress. Here is the end result in all their fancy new revamped glory:

Next on the to-do list is tackling the matching chest of drawers. But this time I actually have a plan… Watch this space!

So what do you think? I’d love to know!