5 Things For My April To Do List

5 Things For My April To Do List

Hello April – well aren’t you shaping up to be a pretty little thing already? Waking up to the sound of sweet bird song, sunlight seeping through the curtains, gently touching your skin. The air is laced with the smell of freshly cut grass and blossoming blooms – I think it’s safe to say that Spring has officially sprung.

I’ll be honest, my March to do list wasn’t ticked off as successfully as I’d anticipated. The bedroom still isn’t finished and after my recent technology dramas (which you can read more about here), my plan to stick to a blogging schedule pretty much went down the pan. Despite this, March was pretty great, full of small victories, beautiful birthday antics and making memories with the ones I love. I can’t wait to see what this month has in store!

Today I’m sharing 5 things for my April to do list.

Stick to the schedule | I’ve had so many problems with my blog recently after making the decision to go self hosted. Anything that could have possible gone wrong, has with flying colours and I’ll confess that it’s been an absolute nightmare. This month I intend to kick my original plan into action and see if I can stick to a schedule. I’m so excited to be able to be creative again and feel extremely motivated so watch this space!

Home updates | It’s been a long time coming, but I can finally say that I’ve nearly finished painting the bedroom. I KNOW. Just a few little touch ups here and there (and all of the ceiling to paint, but we don’t talk about that) then it’ll be time for operation bedroom faff. So excited to start injecting more personality into the room. Not only that, but I’m also determined to get the gallery wall up this month too. Somebody stop me, I’m on a home updates roll!

Dust collector detox | Anyone who knows me, is fully aware that I love a pretty ornament, or a dust collector as Joe likes to call them. However, I think I’ve taken it one step too far. Not in that I’ve got too many pretty ornaments (I mean is that even possible?). Oh no, I simply have too much stuff. Stuff that I don’t use, stuff that is no longer my taste, stuff that’s just slowly becoming honorary dust collectors. I confess that my cupboards are full to the brim of stuff. Sadly, the cupboards are overflowing and the sea of stuff is beginning to take over the little room too (which Joe has proudly nicknamed my ‘Monica cupboard’. It’s all too much. An almighty spring clean and dust collector detox is desperately needed. Marie Kondo, watch out!

Back to basics | As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been focusing on my health and fitness a lot over the past few months and have been feeling so much better for it. The past week has been full of birthday antics (aka naughty food & booze galore) and so I’ve well and truly fallen off the wagon. It’s amazing how in just a week I’ve really noticed a difference, not just in my appearance, but in my mood and sleeping pattern too. As much as I’ve loved this time off, I’m well and truly ready to go back to basics and get on it. Say ‘Hello Beyonce and bye Michelle…’

Life’s little luxuries | Whilst spring marks the start of new beginnings, it’s also nature’s gentle reminder that new possibilities are just around the corner. With the skies lighter and the days feeling longer, suddenly this little social butterfly is ready to meet her match! Spring makes me feel like anything is possible – it’s crazy to think just how many doors open when we realise that we have the time for it. We long to be sat in a beer garden, catching up with friends and having endless BBQs. We buff our skin so it is ready for that summer glow, we work out and eat well in an attempt to be ‘beach body ready’. There is an underlying pressure to prepare ourselves for summer, but spring is the time for self love, self care and self preparation. The time to rediscover our self worth and embrace life’s little luxuries.

What’s on your to do list? Do you have a favourite little luxury?

Here’s to a new month, full of exciting adventures and new achievements.